Romance outside a relationship: Seeking intimacy with others when a spouse or partner has dementia, Caregiving

Lino Darchun began “practice dating” two years after his wife, Sydnee, was diagnosed with younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease. While his wife was alive yet progressively succumbing to Alzheimer’s disease, he continued dating other women. He did so with “great fear and trepidation,” but says he felt he had to do it. At the time, he was 61 years old, and he worried that loneliness would kill him.

Chicago Health Caregiving Romance outsid
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Does this tiny island off the coast of Maine hold the answer to the future of electricity?, Ensia

Isle au Haut Maine solar microgrid Introspective Systems Stephanie Bouchard Ensia Smithsonian Magazine photo courtesy of Island Institute


Living on an island forces one to be an innovator in ways large and small. For the 50 or so year-round residents of Isle au Haut, an island off the coast of Maine, innovation can look like using PVC pipe as a curtain rod because there are no real curtain rods at hand — or it can look like the future of the nation’s electrical grid.

Ensia Isle au Haut solar microgrid.pdf
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Resilience is the response to rising waters, Island Journal

The iconic rocky coast of Maine. It has awed and wooed people for centuries. It has also helped fuel the state's economy, as those it has beguiled flock here. And, it turns out, it helps protect us from the unfolding and increasing impacts of climate changespecifically, sea level rise.

Island Journal 2019 Rising Seas.pdf
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If you love porn, you need to check out erotica audiobooks, Men's Health

We’ve all heard about the benefits of couples watching porn together. Humans are, after all, highly visual creatures. But we’re also turned on by what we hear. “We’re very attuned to the sounds of sex,” says sexologist

Eric Garrison. So put those porn videos aside for a little audio adventure: listening to erotic audiobooks.

Erotic audiobooks Men's Health.pdf
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Fresh Ways to Couple Up: New Year, New Strategy, Cosmopolitan

If you feel stuck in the disheartening cycle of dating apps, you're not alone. Luckily, the love industry is blowing up with new (and a few retro) ways for singles to get together. 

Cosmo new ways to couple up in 2019.pdf
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Luke Holden's vertical lobster adventure, Island Journal

Luke Holden Luke's Lobster Island Journal Island Institute Stephanie Bouchard

You hear a lot of horror stories associated with Craigslist ads, but this is not one of them. You could say it’s a business success story that has big implications, maybe even revolutionary ones, for Maine’s lobster industry. But maybe it’s best described as—dare we say it?—a whale of a tale.

Island Journal 2018 Luke Holden’s ‘Verti
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Below decks with a schooner chef, Working Waterfront

chef Anna Miller schooner Ladona Stephanie Bouchard

You can hear the laughter before you board the schooner, and the mouth-watering scents of bacon sizzling in butter and right-from-the-oven blueberry muffins nearly make you dizzy as you descend into chef Anna Miller’s domainthe galley of the schooner Ladona.

Anna Miller Ladona.pdf
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Gene ‘editing’ on mice tested in war on ticks: Islands are ideal laboratories for MIT-based study, Working Waterfront



The number of people and pets with Lyme disease increase yearly. Maine is among the top 15 states with the highest rates of the disease. Communities have taken drastic measures, such as culling deer, to reduce ticks and their diseases, but culling deer is controversial. A potential new tool in the fight against tick-borne diseases is being developed by a MIT scientist and his team, but it, too, is not without controversy.

Gene editing mice to reduce ticks.pdf
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'Halfway to where somebody's in trouble': cell phones proliferate, but radios are the go-to communication tool on islands, Island Journal

VHF radio Maine islands Stephanie Bouchard Island Journal Island Institute


The closest mainland city (or U.S. Coast Guard station) to Matinicus Island is 23 miles away. Bad weather here has a more serious definition than in the rest of the state. Cell phones only get you so far. That's why most islanders rely on old technology ~ the reliable VHF radio.

Island Journal 2017 VHF radios.pdf
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Gender equality in the workplace: what organizations can do right now, Healthcare Financial Management Association/HERe newsletter

Iris Bohnet What Works Gender Equality by Design

Organizations across the United States and around the world are concerned about gender equality in their workforce and leadership teams—and rightly so. And, as numerous studies have shown, it makes good business sense, too. 

Yet, research has shown that the diversity and leadership training programs that organizations spend billions of dollars on do not yield the hoped-for results. Bias—unconscious bias in particular— is still a huge factor. What do organizations do, then, to reduce bias and close the gender gap?

HFMA HERe July 2016 behavioral design.pd
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When it comes to finding a  mentor, don't settle for just one, Healthcare Financial Management Association/HERe newsletter

Wendy Murphy Kathy Kram Strategic Relationships at Work networking mentoring


Decades of research have revealed that having a mentor can be invaluable to enhancing your career. Those who have mentors have greater career success, this research shows, including higher rates of promotion, larger salaries, and more job satisfaction.


Clearly, those who want career success need to find mentors! How do we do that, though?

HFMA HERe March 2016 mentoring.pdf
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Doing it all is possible when you forget what you think you know about work-life balance, Healthcare Financial Management Association/HERe newsletter

Laura Vanderkam I Know How She Does It

When work-life balance is discussed, inevitably women hear messages that equate to, “You can’t have a high-paying leadership career and have a family or personal life.” Many women buy into these messages, and fearing they will have to sacrifice having a family or personal life, they relegate themselves to lower-paying, non-leadership careers. But there’s a secret many women don’t know: Having a leadership role and a family/personal life is doable.

HFMA HERe Jan 2016 work life balance.pdf
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Maine's first environmental reporter found 'lost' public lands, The Working Waterfront

Bob Cummings Maine environmental reporter
Bob Cummings at his Bath Times desk. (Courtesy Brenda Cummings)

The story that would become reporter Bob Cummings’ legacy didn’t set his world on fire when White Nichols walked into the Bath Times office in the early 1960s with a story tip.

Nichols—a Wiscasset resident who had “drifted out of the habit of earning a living,” as Cummings would later describe it—told Cummings about the state’s “lost” public lots.

It would be nearly a decade before Cummings pursued the public lots story, but when he finally did, it would consume him for years and bring upon his head both accolades and vilification.

Bob Cummings.pdf
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Pretty wood, pretty tones—Peter Gallant builds violins with unusual woods, The Working Waterfront

Peter Gallant Maine violin maker nontraditional wood

Peter Gallant didn’t grow up in a musical household but the electrical designer remembers going into music stores and staring at the stringed instruments. There was a variety in how guitars looked, he noticed, but the violins all looked the same. Today, he is shaking up the violin industry not by changing their shape, but by crafting the instruments with nontraditional woods.

Peter Gallant violins.pdf
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Colors from the sea enliven 'artifact' art, The Working Waterfront

Rick Carney artifact art underwater treasure stained glass art

Nine years ago, a man who had no background or any interest in creating art became an artist. Swimming along the bottom of Wiscasset harbor, 30 feet under water, bottle hunter Rick Carney, his Kevlar gloves digging in the muck, was hit with an idea that would lead him down an unimagined path.

Artifact art.pdf
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City organ tours pull out all the stops, Portland Press Herald


Picture an organ -- the musical instrument, not a kidney -- in your head. If all you see is a square box with some keyboards, you likely would be astounded by an often overlooked gem in Portland.  

Kotzschmar Organ Portland Press Herald Stephanie Bouchard
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kotzschmar merge.pdf
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Avast, ye lubbers! Portland Press Herald


Not-so-bloodthirsty buccaneers bring mayhem to Damariscotta for the annual Pirate Rendezvous.

Pirate Rendezvous Damariscotta Portland Press Herald Stephanie Bouchard
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Down the chute, Portland Press Herald


The U.S. National Toboggan Championships in Camden started small but has picked up speed - not unlike the hundreds of vertically-inclined thrill seekers hoping to be the fastest racers down the 400-foot trough of ice.

U.S. National Toboggan Championships Camden Portland Press Herald Stephanie Bouchard
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Silliker's passion creates final tribute to wildlife, Maine Sunday Telegram


Bill Silliker, Jr., who died in October at age 56, was known for both his skill as a photographer and his deep respect for the natural world and the creatures inhabiting it.

Bill Silliker Jr. wildlife photograher Maine Sunday Telegram Stephanie Bouchard
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