How-To: Rainwater Irrigation,  Bangor Daily News

Keeping your garden watered doesn’t mean you have to have a high water bill or drain your well. You can use rainwater and gray water to irrigate your garden instead.

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Taking Compost to the Next Level,  Bangor Daily News

As communities here in Maine and elsewhere struggle with disposing of septic waste and how to conserve water, composting human waste through the use of composting toilets or compost toilets offer individuals (and businesses) a simple way to contribute to easing those challenges.

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Art brings past alive, Maine Sunday Telegram


Historic homes series: The Benjamin Cleaves House is adorned with Rufus Porter murals portraying 19th-century New England scenes.

Rufus Porter Benjamin Cleaves historic homes Maine Sunday Telegram Stephanie Bouchard
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Landscape Artists, Maine Sunday Telegram


A couple from Wells wins the Maine Sunday Telegram's first Great Garden Contest.

Landscape design, Maine Sunday Telegram Stephanie Bouchard Wells Maine
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Flair with stairs, Maine Sunday Telegram


Splendid or simple, this most basic of features can do a lot to enhance a home. 

Stairs staircases Maine Sunday Telegram Stephanie Bouchard
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