The mutual admiration society, Best Friends Animal Society magazine

elderly memory care center kittens Stephanie Bouchard Best Friends Animal Society
Catalina Springs Memory Center resident bottle feeds a kitten/Karen Hollish PIMA Animal Care Center




Many elderly residents of Catalina Springs Memory Center suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer's. Some have lost fine motor skills. Some can no longer speak at. But place itty bitty kittens in their hands, and they'll hold them and pet them, feed them with a bottle and clean their furry little faces, and stimulate their bottoms to help them pee and poop.


Best Friends Society Magazine Mutual Adm
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Feeling stressed or sick? Try some pet therapy, Healthcare Financial Management Association/HERe newsletter

Josh Brown, German shepard, pet therapy
Josh Brown and his dog, Blue, who helped him recover from a traumatic brain injury


Research increasingly has shown that pets have a positive effect on human health, and there's some strong evidence that having a pet enhances social interaction and support, too.

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Pancreas Awareness, Cat Fancy

Knowing the signs can make all the difference for cats with acute and chronic pancreatitis and exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.

Cat Fancy Stephanie Bouchard feline pacreatitis exocrine pancreatic insufficiency
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Can Cats Get Lyme Disease?, Feline Wellness/Animal Wellness

Cats are less vulnerable to the infection than humans are, but it's still important to take precautions.

Feline Wellness Stephanie Bouchard lyme disease cats
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New Hope, Cat Fancy

Feline fitness and rehabilitation centers are quickly becoming an option for sick or injured cats.

Cat Fancy Stephanie Bouchard feline rehabilitation and wellness acupuncture
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Crazy for Catnip, Cat Fancy

All you need to know about the plant that drives (many) cats wild.

Cat Fancy Stephanie Bouchard catnip
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Cool Cats: Maine Attraction, Cat Fancy

A rescue cat in Maine becomes a local TV station's Storm Center mascot and a statewide celebrity.

Cat Fancy Stephanie Bouchard Togus WCSH6 Don Carrigan
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