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Caring for Abusive Parents, Caregiving

For many adult children, taking care of the parents who abused them or trying to make the decision of whether or not to care for their abuser is an emotional quagmire.

Chicago Health Caregiving caring for abu
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With physical restrictions, sex may change but it doesn’t have to end, Caregiving

Physical restrictions like a hip replacement, colostomy bag, or arthritis don’t need to spell the end of your sex life. In fact, sexual health experts say, these restrictions, whether temporary or permanent, are an invitation to bring play into your life.

ChicagoHealth Caregiving Magazine physic
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Ask the Doc: Your Embarrassing Questions Answered!, Chicago Health

I’m having some um, issues with uh, pooping. Is what I’m experiencing normal? How do I talk to my doctor about it?

Chicago Health Ask the Doc Harold Boutte
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Why Having the Awkward Conversation about Your Pelvic Floor Health Is Worth It, Bangor Metro/Bangor Daily News

As we age, most of us expect to suffer some level of urinary incontinence. That’s just what happens when we get old: The muscles of the pelvic floor weaken, we start leaking, and we have to just live with it, right? Well, no. 

Pelvic floor health.pdf
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It's Always the Right Time to Talk to Your Kids about Sex, Bangor Metro/Bangor Daily News

For many people, Valentine’s Day conjures up thoughts of love, romance, and intimacy. But sex education? Not so much. However, the holiday is one of those golden opportunities parents should seize to talk to their kids about sex and matters relating to sex.

Bangor Metro talking to kids about sex.p
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Going to the dogs, CURE Magazine

Marika Meeks Stella the Pit Bull Incredibull Stella Cure Magazine Stephanie Bouchard Kat Ku Modern Pet Photos

When Marika Meeks was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, she funneled all her energy into surviving. After two years of treatment, she got the good news that she was cancer-free. But this woman who had started and run her own businesses was at a loss. She had survived, but now what? For the first time in her adult life, she lacked focus. Then she met Stella the pit bull and not only regained her sense of purpose but also found healing for herself and her family.

Cure Magazine Fall 2019 issue Going to t
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The corporate massage of the future, MASSAGE Magazine

The demand for massage as  a component of corporate wellness programs means corporations are increasingly hiring massage companies to provide on-site chair massage.

Massage Magazine June 2019 corporate mas
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This grant program makes sure cancer patients get massage, MASSAGE Magazine

Angie's Spa massage therapist massages the hands of a patient receiving cancer treatment UFL Jacksonville.
Courtesy Angie's Spa

Massage therapist Marcia Patterson, LMT, greets patients undergoing cancer treatment with a comforting lilt in her voice and a big smile ~ because not every cancer patient is keen on the idea of getting a massage. "They’re people who are afraid of a lot of things because they’ve been hurt and prodded."


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Estate protection: plan early, plan often, Medical Economics

Estate planning may not be the first item on the to-do list once physicians complete residency and start practicing, but it should be.

Medical Economics estate planning.pdf
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Lines of credit for medical practices, Medical Economics

It is a common business strategy for medical practices to use lines of credit from a bank or other financial institution. With this business tool, medical practices reap many benefits, including the ability to bridge unexpected shortfalls in cash flow.

Medical Economics Lines of credit for me
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