When reliability, organizational skills and incredible writing collide ~ that’s Stephanie Bouchard. Stephanie has become one of my go-to writers for the healthcare magazine and website that I manage. She is a dream to work with as an editor. Her writing is top-notch, and I trust her with the most complex stories and with the most difficult-to-manage sources. I recently offered her an urgent writing assignment that needed to publish in less than two weeks ~ she didn’t hesitate to go the extra mile and help me reach this incredibly tight deadline.


      ~ Michelle Jackson, vice president of content strategy, GLC/Unlock Health

As a writer for one of our most complicated and nuanced quarterly magazines, Stephanie consistently delivers high-quality, thorough, and compelling reporting. I can count on her to create content that our highly particular client will love, even when it requires her to handle numerous curveballs and changes in course. I truly value and appreciate Stephanie’s talents ~ digging into complex subjects, chasing down busy sources, staying agile and flexible, and writing well-crafted copy, always on deadline. She is a gem of a writer, and one I know I can rely on as a member of my team!


      ~ Cara Finnegan, director of content strategy, GLC/Unlock Health

I very much appreciate how well written and clean Stephanie’s stories are! An editor’s dream! 


      ~ Amy Allen, editor and art director, special sections and Bangor Metro magazine, Bangor Daily News

Stephanie has all the qualities we look for in a proofreader; she is thorough, perceptive, reliable, punctual, and an excellent communicator. She is also very warm and friendly, which are valuable commodities in today’s frantic workplace. I am very grateful for the work she has done for our press!


  ~ Marcy Barnes, Director of Production, Print and Audio, Beacon Press

Stephanie is unmatched in expertise, care, and editing know-how. With every project, Stephanie brings professionalism, knowledge, and true dedication. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Stephanie on multiple projects and she always delivers a highly polished product.      


      ~ Jessica Reyes, assistant editor, Greenleaf Book Group

If I have future projects where I am able to choose the proofreader, Stephanie is at the top of the list. I’ve published six textbooks (Academic Press, Prentice Hall, and John Wiley). None come close to equaling Stephanie. She really is terrific!


      ~ John A. White, Jr., chancellor emeritus, University of Arkansas; author, Why It Matters: Reflections on Practical Leadership

I had the pleasure of working with Stephanie when she provided freelance proofreading and copy editing for my firm (Industrium) in 2016 and 2017. Not only is she a stickler for details, but her writing background helped make the work better. She went beyond the basic grammarly errors to improve sentence structure and ensure the content was conveying the appropriate message. She quickly became my go-to resource for reviewing client-facing materials. In addition, Stephanie’s easy-going demeanor and flexibility with quick-turn projects was a godsend in the often chaotic world of an advertising agency!


      ~ Amber Caron, public relations director, Fuseideas


I know I can count on Stephanie to turn in accurate copy, on time. She’s a skilled communicator and does a wonderful job of writing articles that include solid substantiation, direct quotes and a conversational, engaging voice. I recommend her for any freelance assignment requiring top-notch interviewing, research and writing skills.


       ~ Karen Menehan, editor in chief, MASSAGE Magazine

Stephanie is one of the best contributors I have ever worked with. She is a great collaborator and very resourceful when it comes to finding sources who reveal new dimensions about the topic she’s covering. When I give Stephanie a story assignment, I know she’ll come back with more than I asked for in the piece, and it will be on time and on budget. I highly recommend her for any of your editorial needs.


~ Lisa Towers, managing editor, digital content and specialty publishing, Healthcare Financial Management Association

Stephanie is an excellent writer with in-depth knowledge of the healthcare industry. She is professional with clients, meets her deadlines, is responsive to edits and revisions, has a strong work ethic, and is a team player.


~ Patty Enrado, senior manager, custom content at HIMSS Media

Stephanie has an unparalleled attention for detail and an inherent eye for page layout. Her experience in print publication was an invaluable resource for me when in the process of paginating Healthcare Finance News. Beyond her robust abilities, Stephanie's calm, gentle and professional demeanor directly influenced the work environment in a positive and productive manner.


~ Michael Gustafson, graphic artist, former production/traffic assistant at HIMSS Media

Stephanie has been a first-rate writer and reporter for me as editor of The Working Waterfront newspaper. Her stories are clear, lively and comprehensively sourced. Her curiosity about the subjects assigned to her leads to enthusiastically written pieces, yet she retains the appropriate amount of reportorial detachment. I am always confident that she will turn in her work on time, and that the copy will need little ~ if any ~ editing. Although we have not used her for editing work, I suspect she is very good in that arena, as well, given how clean and clear her copy is.


~ Tom Groening, editor, The Island Institutes The Working Waterfront and Island Journal

I highly recommend Stephanie Bouchard! Stephanie worked on thought leader pieces and blogs for WorldClinic. She took the time to research topics and asked great questions. She was able to find the thought leader’s voice, elevated the brand and image with her approach. The writing process from idea to interview to final product was on time and Stephanie was easy to work with. Her writing was very effective for our content marketing campaign and it helped drive leads. She also helped establish a thought leader. 


~ Kristan Bishop, former marketing director at WorldClinic

When we presented our idea for a quarterly column to Stephanie, she got started right away on ideas to best present content on pets and health to our audience of mostly military veterans. Throughout the process, she was timely and enthusiastic.


      ~ Laura Edwards, associate editor, The American Legion Magazine