Stephanie Bouchard freelance writer proofreader editor Melissa Mullen Photography
Photo by Melissa Mullen

For top-notch content, delivered on time and with a smile, clients rely on me.


As a freelance writer, editor, and editorial project manager, I do the work to thoroughly understand your needs ~ and the needs of your audiences ~ by leveraging my experience in the B2B market, newspapers, and book publishing.


I have a keen understanding of the healthcare and pet industries, and, as an experienced journalist with an inquisitive mind, the skills and curiosity to quickly get up to speed on other subjects.


I have written about:


  • healthcare (hospitals/health systems, physician practices, home health/hospice, policy, long-term care, telehealth/mhealth, insurance, patient experiences),
  • feline health and wellness/pets,
  • sexual health; lifestyles; wellness/well-being,
  • arts and entertainment,
  • books and authors,
  • home improvement and gardening/landscaping,
  • personal finance,
  • historic preservation/conservation,
  • Maine life
  • municipal government, and more.


I specialize in journalism, content marketing writing, proofreading and copyediting, and editorial project management. I excel at juggling varied tasks, effectively communicating with multiple collaborators, and thinking ahead to keep things running on schedule.