Stephanie Bouchard freelance writer proofreader cat writer
Me walking my cat in the yard.

A journalist by trade, I use my skills to write about the things that bring meaning to our lives: people and animals. 


For human and pet healthcare providers, I educate your audience and deliver your message in a way that shows care and compassion, builds trust, and conveys often-complicated concepts in plain English, while highlighting your expertise.


If you need a writer who can weave a story, ask the right questions, convey your message, and meet deadlines (or if you really just want an excuse to talk about your pets), let’s chat.


When I’m not writing, I’m proofreading. Looking for two-letter turnovers, mismatched fonts, and all the instances of “OK” that should be “okay” is something I live for (well, actually, I live for my cat, but you know what I mean). 


I stumbled into proofreading after college, and it was one of the best happenstances of my life. I’m a voracious reader, who loves not just the stories in books but also the physical objects themselves. One of the first things I do when I get a book is open it, stick my nose deep in the gutter, and inhale. What could be better than being a part of crafting a book (not to mention being able to read books for a living)? 


As an editorial proofreader, I think about the text I’m reading, so I’ll point out story inconsistencies, as well as making sure date ranges have en dashes, not hyphens.


Drop me a line if you’re looking for an editorial proofreader ~ or if you want to debate the use of em dashes (fair warning: I’m team em dash).